Two-Dragons Martial-arts-academy Swansea UK


Contact Lance on: 07928 272499

YMCA Swansea | Penlan North Community Centre

Pavilion Hall at Swansea’s National pool

Two Dragons Martial Arts


Two Dragons is a freestyle Kung-Fu and Kickboxing club running out of multiple locations throughout Swansea.
Our main location 'The DOJO' is situated on the top floor of the YMCA in Swansea's City Centre.
We also have classes running out of a satellite school in North Penlan Community Centre and a term time University school running in the Pavilion Hall at Swansea’s National Pool.


There are Three different age categories:


Lil Dragons  4-8 Years old

Junior Dragons  9-14 Years old

Senior Dragons  15 Years+


We have a fully structured grading syllabus split for the different age groups.


The club is run with a very family friendly atmosphere and we are really keen for the parents of students to get involved as much as possible.

We have created a supportive environment where students feel welcomed, and a place where they can forge lasting friendships with like minded people.

We want to see our students progress in their training with a good mixture of fun, fitness, discipline and hard work.



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The senior instructors in the DOJO at the YMCA Swansea